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There are numerous reasons why people should take LAMDA exams. LAMDA is a great way of expanding your theatrical knowledge and practical skills, achieving something that is really worthwhile and fast-tracking your learning due to intensive personal tuition. You don’t even have to go it alone, LAMDA is so flexible in the exams it offers and the different combinations, you could do an exam with all of your friends (and it is a great way to make new ones!).


Please do think about doing an exam, it may well end up being something you regret not doing at some stage (ie when writing your UCAS form!). How can you tell, if you haven’t even tried?


LAMDA gives you the opportunity to receive tuition on a one to one (or two!) basis – your teachers will have more time to focus on your individual development, as opposed to a show option where the director is working with 100 of you! Teachers will be able to develop your own skills at a much faster rate as well as eliminating specific bad habits you may have picked up.


You can track your improvements with each grade that you take – looking at your overall marks and reviewing the comments given to you by your tutor throughout the term and especially in the mock exam and the Examiner in your real exam.


It gives you the opportunities for the rest of the company to see your talent and versatility! Not everyone can be in a cast every term but anyone can do LAMDA.


The choices are endless – there are exams in Acting, Musical Theatre, Choral Speaking, Mime, Verse & Prose and Devising and you can do any of these as Solos (perform purely on your own); Duos (perform purely with another person); Combined (One solo piece and one Duo piece) and Group (working with a larger number of people on one extended piece).


LAMDA is seriously recommended to anyone applying to Drama School. Tutors can guide you through areas for improvement and help you to build a fantastic repertoire of diverse pieces so that when you come to audition you already have a range of good and proven pieces that you can simply refresh and use again.


For those of you applying to university, LAMDA is an equally valuable experience. More and more universities are looking for well-rounded individuals with enthusiasm and lots to talk about. LAMDA can spark conversations about writers, favourite plays, context and research in interviews.


Moreover, LAMDA exams from grades 6-8 garner UCAS points on a par with AS and A Levels – they are brilliant if you’re in need of extra UCAS points to get into your first choice university.


LAMDA, essentially, is about you; it’s your time, your development and your exam. It’s a great way to build your confidence and to learn in an informative and invigorating way. You’d be surprised how much LAMDA exams can help with your school work and general knowledge.


If you’re unsure about LAMDA and want to find out more, come to our next LAMDA evening where you will experience extracts from around 30 plays in one night with a free (and useful-for reference) programme. You can also speak to tutors, but the best advice we can probably give is to simply come and see the LAMDA evening then try it out!!!


For more information on how taking a LAMDA Exam would work, i.e. lessons, prices etc….then please see the detailed explanation sheet available about LAMDA and ask any questions to the LAMDA Mentor.

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