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Our mission and our vision



To provide a stimulating and supportive environment for all our students,

so that they may be confident, curious and well-rounded young people.



Our Vision


Our vision is simple – to give our students the best possible education.

We will offer a stimulating and purposeful learning experience, so our students become curious, resourceful and confident young people.

We will set high standards of personal conduct and academic rigour, but never at the expense of support and care for each individual, as an individual.

We will expect our teachers to show total commitment to the progress of each learner by understanding their strengths and weaknesses and encouraging aspiration and ambition at every turn.

We will create a beautiful learning environment for our students, to inspire them every day.

We will help our students to become active and engaged citizens, with a clear moral compass and a charitable ethic.

We will never rest in our desire to be the perfect school.

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