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Headmaster's welcome

I am honoured and privileged to welcome you to Redhill High School, Clynderwen, which lies in the heart of beautiful West Wales. Redhill High School is an inspirational place, where we challenge each individual to reach their full potential. It is great to see that Estyn, in our last inspection, confirms we do just this (report, video).

The world is changing so rapidly at present that the value of strong academic and social foundations is more important than ever. At Redhill High School, we provide a traditional curriculum to support our students where needed and enhance their strengths, always finding new ways to stimulate curiosity and creativity. We will not set limits on learning and we will cherish every talent, as befits our motto ‘Sapere Aude’ – ‘Dare to know’.

The school is a wonderful learning environment – a calm, orderly space where classes are small but horizons are wide. Our students enjoy school, feel comfortable in our beautiful building and grounds, and embrace each challenge without fear. Each student works to improve their thinking skills to become a determined problem-solver, an open-minded and tolerant individual, and an excellent team player with strong communication skills. Most of all they are grounded and happy, with a sense of fun and a care for others.

We take our responsibility to develop ambitious, confident and resilient young people very seriously and each child is valued and supported by the highly-qualified and committed staff. I have been involved in education for over twenty years, with an outstanding track record of success as a Headmaster and very wide-ranging experience in both academic and pastoral education. My team of teachers is experienced and energetic, and the Board of Directors is a group of highly successful and experienced people in their own right. We have a range of complementary skills, and are bonded by a love for education, passion for student wellbeing and ambition for the school.

We very much hope you will want your child to benefit from the outstanding education we provide, and I would be delighted to meet you and your child in person to show you our unique and exciting environment.

Alun Millington, BA (Hons), MA (Oxon), PGCE

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