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Our students form close bonds with the pupils in their own class.   In our experience, these bonds will be long lasting and expand outside of the classroom.


One of the main strengths of our House system is giving students of all ages the opportunity to work together, creating a truly cohesive environment and ensuring that age or culture is not a barrier to friendship and collaboration.  This is important as our school is diverse and includes students from varied walks of life.    Redhill School is a small school, but we truly embrace the world.

Our two houses promote a vertical interaction where the young look up to the elder and where the elder look out for and support the younger.  Our transition from year 6 to year 7 is, for example, run by our year 7 students.  Younger athletes are often coached by older ones.

Of course, it is not only students who are allocated a House, staff are also involved.   A quick look at our video of last year's sports day will attest to the fact that the staff also have a very competitive instinct, especially in the tug of war.


Our Houses build small communities within the larger school and ensure that learning happens at all levels.

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