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We very much want to ensure that all students admitted to Redhill High feel happy and secure, and that the environment helps them flourish and succeed. Our entry procedures are designed to help make decisions that best suit the individual child.

When do I apply?

The Entrance Assessment Process is taking place currently for places in the following academic year.

How do I apply?

1. Complete Application Form / provide school reports

Download and complete Application Form (below). Return to via email or in the post. Alternatively bring it to the School when you visit. We also request a set of school reports for the previous two years.

2. School Visit

Parents are encouraged to visit the School, if possible with their child. Please ring the Headmaster, Mr Alun Millington, on 07368 200207 or email for an appointment.

3. Complete Entrance Assessments

All students hoping to enter Years 7-10 will sit Entrance Assessments. The aim of these assessments is to judge whether a child will be able to cope with the curriculum that leads to GCSE.

The assessments are in Maths and English, each paper lasting one hour. They are sat consecutively. The Maths paper is a representative sample of questions of escalating difficulty, from straightforward, age-appropriate questions to more complex and advanced work. The English Paper has a comprehension element and a section of extended writing.


4. Offer Letter

Parents are usually informed of the results of the assessments within 10 days, by phone call or included within their Offer Letter. This outlines if a place has been offered and if any Scholarship is to be applied. It is not the practice of the School to release either specific Scholarship results or details of each child’s outcome, including and especially Scholarships offered.

Upon receipt of a formal offer, parents complete an acceptance form which acts as a contract with the School. A non-refundable deposit of £100 is paid to secure the place.



Scholarships will be offered for general academic ability and/or potential in Maths, English or both. Discretionary concessions can be applied by the Headmaster to reward exceptional sporting and musical talent.

The ‘Redhill Returner’ scheme for children who attended Redhill Preparatory School entitles qualified children to a loyalty discount. There is also a sibling discount and a discount for children of serving or past members of the armed forces. Full details of each scheme are given on request. 


Additional Learning Needs

When registering for admission via the Application Form, parents of a child who has any disability or Additional Learning Needs are asked to provide salient details on the Form. It is essential to have this information, such as a recent educational psychologist’s report, in advance of any visit to the school so that the School can assess the student’s needs and ensure that adequate facilities can be provided throughout the admissions process.

We believe that every person has the same rights and is entitled to the same opportunities, regardless of race, religion, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, social background, nationality, disability, or area of residence. When assessing candidates for admissions, Redhill High School does not discriminate on any of these grounds for the student (or their parents).

Redhill Application form

Click here to download a PDF application form

Click here to download a Word file application form

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