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eLearning platform

School account

All students have access to a Microsoft email account (Outlook), office apps online, and document storage through OneDrive. 


Access these through the link below:


The log in details are: (Students user name) and the password is given to your student at school. 


e-Learning  Blended Learning

If the school has to close (Covid?), students attend all lessons online via zoom.

If a student is unable. to attend school, the classwork is available on One Note.

When engaging with e-Learning, students engage with interactive content which is linked to lessons so that progress, as ever, can be monitored and students can be challenged.

Online resources

Redhill Resources

Find below the link to all the lesson content, lesson per lesson:

Other resources:

External digital resources for all subjects that the school has signed up to (login with school account)

Good to know free-standing resources:

Do not forget these obvious, but good, links:


Physics Y9, Y10 and Y11: 


For all subjects Y10 and 11:

For all subjects Y7-9

Link to GCSE Psychology Resources

French video year 10


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