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Welsh: Discover the Language of Dragons and Bards!

Embark on an enchanting journey into the world of Welsh, one of Europe's oldest living languages! Immerse yourself in the melodious sounds and rich history of Cymraeg, from its poetic traditions to its modern revival. Explore a language that has survived centuries, shaping the identity and culture of Wales. From the lyrical verses of medieval poets to contemporary Welsh rock music, discover how this ancient tongue continues to thrive and evolve. Whether you're drawn to the magic of Welsh legends, eager to connect with your heritage, or simply curious about this unique Celtic language, learning Welsh offers a gateway to a vibrant culture and a deeper understanding of Wales' past and present.

Welsh GCSE with WJEC:

The WJEC Welsh GCSE course provides an engaging introduction to the Welsh language and culture, designed for learners in Wales and beyond. Students will develop essential skills in oracy, reading, and writing, focusing on practical communication in everyday situations. The curriculum covers a range of themes, including Wales and the World, Leisure and Lifestyle, and Home and Locality. WJEC's approach emphasises the use of authentic materials and real-life contexts, helping learners to gain confidence in using Welsh both in casual conversation and more formal settings. Through a blend of interactive activities, cultural projects, and language immersion, students not only build language proficiency but also gain valuable insights into Welsh traditions, literature, and contemporary society.

Welsh A Level with WJEC:

Elevate your Welsh language skills to an advanced level with the WJEC Welsh A Level programme. This comprehensive course delves deeper into the intricacies of the language, literature, and culture of Wales. Students will refine their linguistic abilities through the study of complex grammatical structures and idiomatic expressions, while engaging with a wide range of Welsh literature, from medieval poetry to contemporary prose. The curriculum explores themes such as Welsh identity, social issues, and cultural heritage, encouraging critical analysis and independent research. WJEC's approach fosters a deep appreciation for Welsh language arts and media, including film, theatre, and digital content. This rigorous yet rewarding programme not only prepares students for university-level studies in Welsh and related fields but also equips them with advanced linguistic skills valuable in education, media, government, and cultural sectors within Wales and beyond. Immerse yourself in the beauty and complexity of the Welsh language, and gain the confidence to engage fluently in both historical and contemporary Welsh discourse.

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