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ICT: Navigating the Digital Frontier!
Step into the exciting world of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), where innovation and creativity intersect! ICT is the backbone of our modern world, powering everything from smartphones to smart cities. Discover how to harness the power of technology to solve problems, express ideas, and shape the future. Whether you're fascinated by coding, intrigued by digital design, or curious about how the internet works, ICT offers a dynamic field of study that's constantly evolving. Develop skills that are essential in today's digital age and prepare yourself for the technologies of tomorrow!

Year 7 ICT:
In Year 7, students embark on a diverse ICT journey, laying the foundation for digital literacy and computational thinking. The curriculum offers a taste of various exciting aspects of technology:

Coding with Python: Dive into the world of programming, learning the basics of Python to create simple programs and solve logical problems.
Game Design with Kodu: Unleash creativity by designing and building your own video games using the intuitive Kodu platform.
Website Design: Learn the fundamentals of HTML and CSS to create your own web pages and understand how the internet works.
Digital Skills: Explore the realms of digital media, including photography, image editing, and videography, developing skills to create and manipulate digital content.

Year 8 ICT:
Building on the foundation laid in Year 7, students in Year 8 have the opportunity to specialise their skills by choosing between two pathways:

Coding: For those who enjoyed programming, this path delves deeper into Python and introduces new concepts in computer science.
Digital Skills: This option focuses on advancing abilities in digital media creation, including more sophisticated techniques in photography, video production, and graphic design.

Year 9 ICT:
Year 9 serves as a bridge to GCSE-level studies, allowing students to refine their chosen specialisation:

Portfolio Development: Students create and curate an online portfolio showcasing their best work in either coding projects or digital media creations.
Advanced Topics: Depending on their chosen path, students explore more complex coding challenges or advanced digital media techniques.
Preparation for GCSE: The curriculum primes students for the next level, introducing topics and skills that will be essential for Computer Science or Digital Skills GCSEs.

This progressive ICT curriculum from Years 7 to 9 ensures students develop a strong foundation in essential digital skills, whether they're inclined towards the logical world of coding or the creative realm of digital media. By Year 9, students are well-equipped to make informed choices about their further studies in technology, ready to tackle the challenges of GCSE Computer Science or Digital Skills with confidence and enthusiasm.

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